Framework for generating tour plans for adaptively guiding a tourist


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trip planning is depends on many factors

 by sachithra udayangani

*trip planning is depends on many factors, such as
•             travel duration,
•             travel cost,
•             visiting time,
•             tourist’s age
•             physical condition
•             individual interests  etc.

*first trial --- deal with the following preferences of users 
•             travel location
•             travel duration (e.g., two-day trip or five-day trip)
•             visiting time (e.g, summer, winter, March, and October)
•             destination preference (e.g., prefer historic or prefer scenery sites)

*Trip Planning - propose a novel Travel Route Suggestion (TRS) Algorithm to suggest customized
  trip plans among destinations by considering  travel location, travel duration, visiting time, and other    preferences of users as inputs.

a customized destination graph is dynamically constructed according to user’s preferences, in which the nodes of the graph represent destinations.

the route planning problem is formulated as a graph analysis problem, and then solved by a dynamic programming algorithm. As a result, the proposed system can provide a customized travel plan to a tourist, which not only suggests multiple destination sequences, but also provides detailed travel information for each destination including representative travel paths and stay times within the destination. Moreover, the system can also automatically update travel plans in real time to respond to tourists’